Dell Chromebook 3100/5190 Protective case


Rugged Plastic clip on case to fit the Dell 3100/5190 chromebook. Ultra-thick reinforced edge to provide drop protection. Interlocking top and bottom to provide crush protection. Slim design to fit all classroom carts. No silicone to prevent the case from slipping into backpacks.

•Custom Molded Polycarbonate clip-on shell

•Reinforced edge

•Slim and light weight

•Fits all standard classroom carts

•Asset tag

•Drop and crush protection

•Great for use in backpacks 

Product code: RPDELL3100

MSRP: $39.96

Your Price: $24.95 volume discounts available

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 Dimensions: 12.28” x 8.48” x 1.18” inches

Weight: 0.86 lbs

Material: Polycarbonate