Dell Chromebook 3100/5190 Protective case


Rugged Plastic clip on case to fit the Dell 3100/5190 chromebook. Ultra-thick reinforced edge to provide drop protection. Interlocking top and bottom to provide crush protection. Slim design to fit all classroom carts. No silicone to prevent the case from slipping into backpacks.

•Custom Molded Polycarbonate clip-on shell

•Reinforced edge

•Slim and light weight

•Fits all standard classroom carts

•Asset tag

•Drop and crush protection

•Great for use in backpacks 

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 Dimensions: 12.28” x 8.48” x 1.18” inches

Weight: 0.86 lbs

Material: Polycarbonate 

Chromebook Cases


Rugged Protection manufactures protective cases for many EDU model Chromebooks.  We were the first company to offer a protective case for the K12 market.  Over years of feedback, testing and industry changes, we are very proud of the cases we produce today. Our cases meet the needs of the K12 market at an unmatched value. 

Why Plastic?

After testing and industry changes we no longer use silicone on our Chromebook cases. Initially we started making cases for Chromebooks that were primarily used in the classroom/carts only.  As districts have expanded the implementation of 1:1 technology initiatives, students now take devices home in backpacks. We discovered that the use of silicone makes it difficult to slip the Chromebook into a crowded backpack due to the rubbery edges. Silicone also limited our design to thin plastic covers where we have found thicker rigid plastic is needed to protect screens in backpacks. Our plastic cases protect from drops and damage just as well as many silicone edge cases. The rigid plastic edge distributes the impact to the complete chromebook chassis rather than a single point.

Crush Proof Corners?

We have created a unique feature for our cases, we call this feature crush proof corners. These corners are designed so the top of the case meets the bottom of the case when the screen is closed. This isolates the Chromebook in the middle with pressure on the case only.  This feature works extremely well when the Chromebook is used in a crowded backpack. The pressure of books and binders are applied to the case and not the Chromebook screen.


Easy to install.  With limited packaging and snap-on designs. our cases can be installed for large deployments with ease.  We estimate less than 20 seconds per case. 

Lifetime Warranty.  We offer a lifetime warranty on all the cases we sell. We manufacture products to last and we stand behind them.

Reasonably Priced. We focus on cost effective solutions without sacrificing durability.